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Fort Henry

Sentry Tower

Private Henry Daret
8 October
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The French Revolution is more snarky homoerotic tension than love.

Help end world hunger

I'm really no good at these things. Check my interests below for an idea of what I like.

I am a very avid reader, and I often draw characters from movies/video games/books that I like. I also have quite a thing for 18th century men's clothing.

I do requests, for sure, but if I'm busy/uninspired I may refuse them. Feel free to ask though, I may surprise myself by actually doing it!

If you want to see my art/fiction, most of it is posted here. Otherwise, I have a DeviantART account and Fanfiction.net account, the links to which are both listed at the top if the page in my LJ.



1745 jacobite uprising, 1776, 18th century clothing, 18th century slash, age of sail, akatsuki, alexander the great, alfonso d'aragona, american revolution, anakin skywalker, andré côtard, angelina jolie, animals, anime, archie kennedy, asterix, asterix/obelix, bagoas, bonnie prince charlie, buckland/wellard, bush/cotard, cabaret, camille desmoulins, cantarella, celtic music, cesare borgia, charles edward stuart, chiaro, citizen smith, classical music, commodore norrington, comsauvinnov, csi, csi: miami, dancing, daniel dreiberg, david gemmell, dead real people slash, deidara, desmoulins/robespierre, diana gabaldon, double entendres, drawing, edgar allan poe, edward pellew, ellen kushner, fandom wank, figure skating, football, french revolution, ghetto!wellard, gyakuten saiban, hephaestion, hidan, history, horatio caine, horatio hornblower, horatio/archie, horatio/natalia, hoshigaki kisame, ioan gruffudd/matthew rhys, ioan gruffudd/samuel west, j-pop, jack aubrey, jack davenport, jack simpson, john simpson, kakuzu, keira knightley, legend of zelda, lieutenant buckland, lieutenant gillette, lieutenant groves, link, listening, lucrezia borgia, maito gai, manga, matthews, michelotto, midshipman clayton, midshipman wellard, miles edgeworth, naruto, naval slash, niccolo machiavelli, nite owl, nite owl ii, obi-wan kenobi, owlship, painting, phoenix wright, phoenix/miles, raven, reading, robert lindsay, robespierre, robespierre's sunglasses, robespierre/saint-just, rock lee, rollerblading, rorschach, saint-just, saint-just/robespierre, sancha d'aragona, sculpting, shakespeare, sheik, sherlock holmes, singing, sir edward pellew, skateboarding, sketching, slash, soccer, star wars, star wars slash, stephen maturin, styles, swordplay, the forty-five, tobi, tolkien, vampire chronicles, video games, walter kovacs, watchmen, wheefactor, william bush, wolfie smith, writing, yaoi, zetsu